The Confession

Is having a dull knife really a sin?

I must look like some kind of priest because people are always coming up to me confessing the sin of having dull knives.  They apologize for how long it has been since their last sharpening and they leave with sharp knives and the best of intentions to never let it happen again.  And we both know how that will end.

The fact is that there comes a point in the life of every knife when it needs a sharpening.  How do you know when that point has been reached?  Here are a few clues...

When the knife hasn't been sharpened since you got as a wedding present

When steeling seems to have no effect

When the tomato refuses to cooperate

When you look at the edge you see a shiny line reflection

When you hear cursing about dull knives coming from the kitchen.

You have to ask yourself if all the guilt, frustration and cursing is worth it when for just a few dollars and a few minutes you can receive absolution.  Either way you are always welcome here.

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